Sep 28

elven_chroniclesBig Blue Bubble has released an iPhone version of their popular mobile turn-based game “Elven Chronicles”. The developers will listen to their audience and will come with updates, including expansion packs and features added via micro transactions.

Mobile developer Big Blue Bubble has released an iPhone version of its popular mobile turn-based role playing gameElven Chronicles [link], winner of the Pop Vox awards, through the App Store.

Turn-based RPGs, such as SoMoGa’s popular Vay, are few and far between in the App Store.  And so, if our forum readers’ reactions are any indication, iPhone RPG fans may find fondness with this release, reworked from its mobile original for the more capable iPhone platform.

Features as listed by the developer:

  • Classic Console RPG design
  • Massive World Maps
  • Captivating Story
  • Countless Spells, Weapons, Armour and Accessories
  • Random Dungeon Maps
  • Stunning Characters and Scenery
  • Over 20 hours of Gameplay

Pocket Gamer spoke with Big Blue Bubble regarding the challenges faced in porting the game to the iPhone platform.

“…We ported the game from BREW using our own code converter tools and the iTorque engine. This port went very smooth and we had a playable game in a matter of days.

Re-doing all the art took much longer than anticipated and we had to put several artists on the project. Also, as we didn’t have the same memory limitations as on the cell phones, it was hard to resist adding more art content so this took some time as well.

Finally, we had to re-do all the controls and menu system. Even though fully functional, it just didn’t feel right. This is last thing we need to complete before sending the game to Apple.”

The video below shows a trailer of the game:

Elven Chronicles can be downloaded for $3,99 [App Store, for a limited time]

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