Sep 26

iphone_3.2_teaser1iPhone firmware 3.2 will without a doubt be launched this year. At least that’s what I think. Firmware 3.1 has been among us only two weeks now, but there are a lot of complaints about it. Especially the so called “coma mode”.

Okay, so firmware 2.1 was released September 12th 2008. OS 2.2 beta 1 was released on September 25th and OS 2.1 beta 2 had a release date of October 24th. The official firmware 2.2 was released on November 21nd. So if Apple follows the same line with firmware 3.x than it is very plausible to see a release of firmware 3.2 soon.

The question is: What do we want? Ofcourse we want to get rid of the coma mode. I would like to be able to use my music as a ringtone. A better battery would also be very welcome.

What do you want to see with the next firmware version?

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43 Responses to “iPhone Firmware 3.2: What Do You Want Next?”

  1. abdulla Says:

    i want to see Finder & bluetooth&
    zoom in camera

  2. alfetoohi Says:

    What we need ??

    1- Bluetooth for files,photos,music, etc as any other mobiles that have a bluetooth devices.

    2- Installing software with ease no need for jailbreaking the iphone the we bought from outside us & costs 900 – 1200 usd.

    3- We need it to be Apple & features of any other mobiles.

  3. Edgaras Says:

    fu**ing flash support

  4. rabTT Says:

    I would like to be able to use my own text alerts and assign a different alert for different contacts.

  5. Yaniv Danan Says:

    Use your music as Ringtone ?
    Why don’t you just install AnyRing from Cydia ?

  6. Burnem Says:

    Better battery for sure I think it got worse with 3.1?

  7. Cristian Says:

    Chane differnt color font on text messeges.

  8. poopslap Says:

    I would like the ability to alter all alerts. I would like different alerts for different email accounts (some are more important that others) and the ability to have different people have different text alerts etc. Apps that run in the background are a must as well (SBSettings, Pandora, etc.). Oh yea… and fu**ing flash support!!

  9. App Says:

    @Yanif Danan hey, there are some people who don’t need jailbrake their iPhone !

  10. Trimi Says:

    Recording all voice calls would be great feature. Android has this feature but on iphone you must use third party software which works for usa only and it really sucks.

  11. Burnem Says:

    Great Idea I would like this also…maybe new themes to? Like those on jailbroken iPhones

  12. M. I. Says:

    I want radio for ipod touch 2nd gen after all d wifi/bluetooth chip also supports fm radio. It will be able to run in d background. Also shortcuts to frequently used settings e.g toggle for wifi

  13. 2wii Says:

    Give us the freedom so we don’t have to jail break just so we can install a theme

  14. D71 Says:

    Totally agree …customising text tones as well as ringtones is something you can do on just about every other phone.

  15. jaz Says:

    How about full full sim/phone contacts editing

  16. Brian Says:

    To sum it all up, CUSTOMIZATION! Look the iPhone has some great features that make it a unique phone among phones. The issue though is that people like to personalize things. We want to change the audio, and visual way that our iphones look and sound.

    Yea there are some great apps for jailbroken iphones, and I’d love to see them allowed on the phone, but I wont hold my breath. On the other hand, the second reason people jailbrake the iphone is for the customization of look and sound! So that I see coming to the iphone!

  17. WALT Says:

    I need the damn bluetooth to connect to my stereo again, it used to work with the 2.x firmwares but not with any of the 3.0 or above

  18. Anuchit Jarujumpol Says:

    To my need is the feature that allow to save attachment of mail and also ablilty to play any video format such as .wmv mpeg4 .

  19. Bryce Says:

    Make the volume control work on the phone when connected to blutooth devices

  20. PoopPhone Says:

    I’d love to see al bugfixes introduced in the 3.x fixed. I can’t stand having my phone crashing 6-7 times a day, or having to restore it once a week due to a bad crash. I’d also like to be able to use Spotlight without watching how the phone resets when I type two letters.

    Oh, and I’d like to be able to turn on the phone and make the call in less than one minute. I wouldn’t like to see myself in an emergency and having to wait 5-10 minutes for the iPhone to boot to be able to make a call. The same goes for the daily resets: with each one, I have to wait 5 minutes in order to get the phone back and working. That’s UNACCEPTABLE.

    To summarize, I’d like the iPhone to act and work like a PHONE, not like an iPod toy wanting/pretending to be a phone.

    That’s my top priority right now.

  21. iPhone 3GS! Says:

    Seriously! Can Apple actually use the bluetooth for something more than just bluetooth headset connectivity?! I’d love to sync with iTunes over bluetooth! That’d be the best improvement since cut/copy/paste. Also, playing music over bluetooth would be freaking awesome. I have bluetooth in my car, and if my iPhone can connect with that for music, it’d be one leap forward for mankind.

    And how about FLASH SUPPORT? Freaking Windows Mobile’s new update has flash support as part of its core package…. Apple… wtf? Work with Adobe man. Give it all the code it needs and give us flash support.

  22. paul wright Says:

    I’d like to see contacts birthdays automatically added to the calender for one, think that should of already been in to be fair, and some more options to increase battery life!

  23. Muzaher Says:

    fm radio with modulator (to play songs of my iphone to the car stereo player)
    bluetooth.(at least send photos)
    strong wifi
    better battery life
    make cydia legal
    make jailbreaking legal
    the power to sync over wifi or nluetooth
    zoom in camera
    a better navigation app for offline use

  24. Catbrain Says:

    I want to be able to control the iPhone with a Mac compatible Bluetooth mouse.

  25. Michael Says:

    I would like to see abode flash, free therthering, free gps navagation system, abs turn in landcape mode, zoom in video & pictures faster edge, able to lock any abs you want, and able to delete all mail inbox & buckmail in yahoo and other email addresses. Then it will be perfect.

  26. WilyGuy Says:

    Private Calendar events
    I think Apple should look at the most common JB reasons and start working on adding those. Backgrounds, Ringtones, Text Alerts, are all good.

  27. Shep Says:

    Complete my remaining two and a half years of college.
    Do my laundry on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
    Pre-screen my words before I say them so my girlfriend doesn’t remove my man hood.
    Oh, and custom ringtones and full bluetooth support would be nice.

  28. Jay Tee Says:

    I would like to see the equivalent of blackberry PIN messenger included as a standard apple app. Yes there are a few alternatives in the app store but we need consistency amonst the iphone community!

  29. Ismail Says:

    I would like to see profiles, like a profile have the customized settings for mail, silent alert, push mails etc, another profile, I can customized speaker mode, non push mail, etc,

    If I wanna use my iPhone in office, I can use silent profile, and in pubs I can use noise profile

  30. master00d Says:

    id love to have

    1.set song as ringtone
    3.wifi icon on the home page
    4.send fotos via bluetooth to any phone (not just iphone)
    6.constact sim editing and saving
    9.a reboot buton will be ok
    and a ,this is just a dream XD
    a java virtal machine on the iphone for install java app on the phone

  31. Txin Says:

    Some improvements i woul add:
    1. Save files such as pdf or docs from the browser to the phone memory.
    2. Disc mode to access those files
    3. A key for the áàéèó etc for the ones who use the phone in a language which is nos english.
    4. Customizable ringtones, but being able to cut the songs stored on the ipod and manage them in the phone.

  32. Gabriel Vincent Says:

    I would really really like a download support on iphone. A software that allows me to download things like music, photos, videos, etc, directelly to my iphone library.

    Flash support would be greaaaat too.

    better battery management

    cantact sim-to-phone/phone-to-sim editing. because i can’t save my contacts in the sim.

  33. Ryan Smith Says:

    Yeah! Its perfect!

  34. Blackboxed Says:

    Well, iPhone 3Gs (since firmware 3.0) can actually play music over bluetooth. I use it myself in my car. But your car radio need the latest bluetooth standard, not your iPhone. The iPhone has the actual standard, and if i go to my car and start my radio, i could select bluetooth as playback source and could select some songs which are instantly played on my radio.

    A little improvement would be a recognition of the radiobuttons (stop, forward, next…..) which should send back to the iPhone. My radio supports this (tested it with another hardware), but the iPhone hasn’t an support for this. So i have to skip songs via iPhone not via radio – which could be a problem, if your driving. I normaly do this only at a traffic light.

  35. ADR Says:

    I would like to see as a priority a better and louder tone for incoming emails and better battery life. Cmon Apple not too much to ask for!!

  36. Callum Says:

    Or if you’ve got a mac just use garage band

  37. Callum Says:

    Anyone with cydia get all apps for free!hackulo is your friend

  38. grossy Says:

    flash & bluetooth & enable ichat video

  39. Andy Says:

    SMS Scheduler



    Mass storage utilization

  40. sapple Says:


  41. sapple Says:

    i hope that apple cognize the problems and wishes of their customers!

  42. Krama studio Says:

    Urgent need fix of the wifi low speed and battery consumption. 160 character support for a single Greek SMS would be marvelous (than 60 character) Greek contact sorting and flash support!

  43. atsa Says:

    I don’t think Apple is interested in solving this issue. Try DoubleSMS iPhone application which offers full 160 Greek characters support + Multi Parts SMS + Characters count & message parts count + delivery reports. Additionally the message cost is much cheaper than your mobile provider.

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