Sep 18

steve_jobs2The video below shows you the importance of using positive words like “great, incredible, amazing, remarkable, easy, unbelievable” etc. It is a strategy you can use to improve the positive reactions of your audience. This is why every keynote presentation seems to be the best. That’s why Apple get such amazing, great, incredible and unbelievable reactions from their audience.

The video is without repeats. It just cuts through Apple’s Keynote of last September:

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3 Responses to “Apple Is Great, Amazing, Remarkable, Incredible, Just Great”

  1. Sassha Says:

    Wow thats incredible….lol

  2. Commonsense Says:

    Yea.. “think different” may be their slogan, but, it’s hardly the case. It’s bullshi* that they declare jailbreaking ‘against the law’. Stop drinking Apple’s coolaid folks. They don’t control what we do with our phones.

  3. Fringgo Says:

    I totally agree. Jaiilbreakig is far from illegal and if your paying so much for a phone you have the right to run whatever software you want on it and use it with whatever carrier you want. I hope the FCC will straighten them out and end the games.

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