Sep 17

500x_navigontrafficNavigon had an update last week and introduced text-to-speech and iPod controls. They have a new feature for their iPhone application: real-time, crowd-sourced traffic. But they will ask 25 dollars for it.

“I’ve seen the feature in action, and it’s about as seamless as traffic integration gets. Data is drawn from a massive fleet of devices, Navigon and otherwise, curated by a third party, and fed live into the app. Each traffic obstruction is listed individually, so you can choose to avoid one while weathering another, or just see what you’re up against. This, combined with historical traffic data, means you’re probably going to be able to trust Navigon’s traffic-avoiding routes, or at least, you know, respectfully disagree.”

Will $25 be worth this update. It could b the highest in-app purchase so far and the people who don’t own the app yet have to pay much more to get every feature that this navigation software offers. Maybe the sales of other navigation apps will go up. Maybe TomTom can give us live traffic for free in one of their next updates.

Source: Gizmodo

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2 Responses to “Navigon Asks An Extra $25 For Real-Time Traffic Data”

  1. Gilbert Says:

    I really like this app, but I think it wrong to charge more. It would be a great update to have, but it should be included in the orginal price.

  2. Commonsense Says:

    Yup I agree – they should’ve included it! But, I’ll pay the piper for this upgrade. Awesome app!

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