Sep 15

There have been several reports about bugs in the iPhone firmware and today there’s another one. This time it’s about discovering a password. After a long wait we finally got Cut Copy Paste with the iPhone OS 3.0. We also got a feature people have been waiting for for a very long time as well: shake to undo. This feature can be used to find out passwords.

Delete a digit and then just give a shake and you can see the previously deleted character. It works with all digits in the password except the first one. So you’ll still have to try many many times before you discovered the entire password, but still if it is a word then it’s pretty easy to guess the first digit.

Apple has fixed this in the 3.1 firmware, but I advice you not to update and wait for the iPhone Dev Team to come with a jailbreak upgrade. See the bug in action below:

Source: iPhone-Ticker

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