Sep 14

Stuart Hughes has pimped many phones and other gadgets and has given them a very expensive jacket. And now the British guy gave the iPhone 3GS a new look as well. A 17.000 euro look to be precise.

Together with his team Hughes has given the iPhone 3GS a metamorphosis. With earlier attempts the smartphone got a golden layer, but this time they gave the iPhone a beautiful platinum and diamond look.

The periphery of the phone is filled with 170! diamonds of 5 carats. The Home-button also has a dozen small diamonds around it and the button itself is made of platinum.

According to Stuart Hughes the iPhone Diamond  & Platinum 3GS is the ideal way to celebrate individualism. It will be a very expensive celebration: the pimped iPhone will cost $14,995

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3 Responses to “iPhone 3GS For 14,995 Dollar”

  1. deep Says:

    The technical specifications must be outdated to the 3G specs, or they are skimping on the amount of flash memory … 16GB??

  2. Chris Wade Says:

    I am confused, is it $14.995 or $14,995

    Ok, so I am not really confused, but here in the U.S., there is a huge difference between those two numbers, $14.995 implies 14 dollars and 99 and a half cents.

    $14,995 implies fourteen thousand, nine hundred, ninety five dollars. I would suggest using a consistent number format.

  3. ericeissens Says:

    Just a typo. Quickly changed it to $14,995. I guess everyone would buy a golden or platinum iPhone if they only have to pay 14 dollars and 99 and a half cents :P

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