Sep 07

122143-apple_media_event_500Just two days away till the keynote of Apple’s Media Event will be delivered. Who will deliver it? Phil Schiller or will it be Steve Jobs after all? We don’t know, but we have some clues to what will be shown at the Media Event. Here’s a list!

New iPods – Very likely. The past several years Apple announced new iPods in September and this year will be no different. But it seems the iPods will get a new feature: a camera. Let’s hope this is true.

09-09-09 – The keynote will be delivered on a special day: the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year of this century. It’s also the day that the entire original remastered Beatles collection will be available on CD. ┬áIt’s very likely Apple wants to add this collection to iTunes.

iTunes 9 – This leads me to the iTunes program itself. A new version of iTunes will come out and that will be launched on this weeks Wednesday. There has been no confirmation but it’s an almost 100% certainty that we can see a new iTunes version.

Firmware 3.1 – The beta ends on September 18th and Apple usually releases a new beta or the real deal one or more days before the previous release ends. I’m talking about the iPhone firmware ofcourse. At the Media Event of last year, Apple announced firmware 2.1 and it is very credible that they will launch firmware 3.1 at the Media Event of this year.

Tablet Computer – For years, rumors have been floating around the web, but the last couple of months the possibility of an upcoming Apple Tablet was a huge discussion point on many websites and forums. Also the large virtual keyboard embedded in the recently released Snow Leopard made more people believe that the Apple Tablet is coming very soon.

We’ll find out soon enough if the rumors are true. Some people talk about a possible end of the iPod classic and the ability to download ringtones directly from the iTunes Store. What is true and what is fiction? What do you expect of this years Media Event?

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