Sep 05


We’ve posted an article about GameSalad almost a year ago. GameSalad is an application from Gendai Games which enables you to easily create games for the iPhone. Very soon there will be an update to the application that gives you the opportunity to publish games for the iPhone. They can be sold in the App Store.

GameSalad features:

  • A community focused on game design and idea exchange
  • Resources for game creation, including access to experts and interactive media
  • Innovative tools for game creation that eliminate the need for advanced programming knowledge
  • A platform for publishing and marketing user created on the iPhone

There will also be a GameSalad iPhone Preview App soon. This gives you the ability to test and debug your created iPhone apps. Info about pricing and other details are not publicly announced yet. GameSalad promises to come with more information next week.

Source: GameSalad

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