Aug 31

implus-logo1The developers of the popular IM+ app have  submitted the next version (IM+ 3.4) to Apple for approval, and it’s going to support speech recognition for both instant messaging and Twitter.

It will work on all iPhone models and will support the English language. However, it remains uncertain if other languages will be supported. To make use of Speech Recognition you’ll have to buy this feature through an In App Purchase that costs $0,99. As you can see on the screenshots below, only English is available at the moment. Since IM+ is a very popular app, one might expect to see support for other languages as well in the near future.

IM3.4foriPhone5 IM3.4foriPhone3

Features new in IM+ 3.4:

  • Support for Speech Recognition in tweets and instant messaging.
  • Animated Emotions (also known as Smiley’s)
  • Bug fixes (The black bar on top in landscape mode has been fixed)

Watch the video below to see how this feature works.

IM+ is available for $9,99 [App Store]

When the update will be available is not clear. The new version is being reviewed by Apple and should be approved soon.

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2 Responses to “Speech Recognition For IM+ 3.4”

  1. todd Says:

    Take too long for it to process…. most people can type faster….

  2. DoLphinL Says:

    Finally, IM+ 3.4 is available in App Store.

    New features include:
    – Speech recognition as an in-app purchase feature.
    – Animated Emoticons.
    – Copy text from chat bubbles.
    – New email notifications via Push – for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail.

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