Aug 15


Have $1000 to spare? Well maybe for these iPhone cases. They are handmade chinses cases for your iPhone. There are five different versions each representing an important piece of Japanese history.

The so-called Japan Texture series consists of a total of five cases with different designs. Created under the supervision of a historian, SoftBank says each case is covered with special lacquer and gold dust. It takes three to four weeks to make one, which kind of explains the price.


The main idea of these cases is to show how Japanese warlords from the Sengoku period would probably use their iPhones if they lived today. Each case comes with a specially designed pouch, a booklet explaining the historical background of the design and a storage box.


Source: CrunchGear

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  1. Lisa Says:

    The casing is actually more than the iPhone?! They are very attractive, but I’m not poisoned into buying any of these. I will still adhere to those cheap iPhone cases, since I can buy several ones without worrying about my wallet.

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