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There are many people complaining about the short batterylife of smartphones and the iPhone cannot be denied as well. Your probably someone who uses his iPhone the entire day (as most of us), but there are also several people who use the iPhone a little bit less, but still see their battery drain very fast. These people could have battery problems. The iPhone Blog wrote some tips for the users with battery problems.

Tip 1 Restart iPhone

This is the simplest solution and could help when your iPhone has become very warm and when the battery drains fast. You could try to restart the iPhone by pressing the unlock button for a few seconds and to use your finger to slide over “slide to power off”, like you do when you unlock the iPhone. When the iPhone is powered off, you can press the same button again till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Tip 2 Re-install Push

According to Apple, push notifications and push e-mail can drain the battery 20% faster. When you think this drains your own battery, you could take the following steps:

  1. For e-mailaccounts, go to Settings and choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Agenda’.
  2. Then choose the MobileMe- or Microsoft Exchange-account and delete the account by clicking on it and scrolling down till je see the ‘Delete’-button. Click on it and your account will be removed.
  3. Next go back to the mainscreen of Settings and go to Notifications. You’ll see a┬álist of apps you that use Push Notification. Write down all the apps in that list.
  4. After you’ve done this, go back to the homescreen and press on an application till it begins to fibrate. Now delete every program you’ve written down by pressing the little cross in the upper left corner of the specific icons.
  5. To restore the settings, go to Settings and click on ‘Mail, Contacts, Agenda’.
  6. Add your e-mailaccounts to make sure you have your old settings back.
  7. And last, re-download the deleted apps again, or sync with your computer.

Tip 3 iPhone Resetten

This is not the fastest option and needs a complete reset of your iPhone. Be aware! You will loose all your data! This is the most effective way, but has the big downside that you loose all uour data.

To start, connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB-cable that came with the iPhone-package. When iTunes doesn’t start automatically, you’ll have to start it manually. On the screen you’ll see a Restore button which will enable you to restore your iPhone to the basic settings as they were when you first unpacked your iPhone. When you click on this button, iTunes will automatically restore your iPhone.

Important! When iTunes asks you if the iPhone must be installed as a new iPhone or if you want to restore a old backup, choose to install the iPhone as a new iPhone. This step is crucial, but you’ll loose all your data. You also loose your jailbreak and unlock and must redo that process if you choose so.


So there you have it. Three tips to try and hopefully will lenghten your battery. Please let us know if it works for you.

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One Response to “Some Tips To Prevent Fast Battery Drainage”

  1. Brian Denmeade Says:

    Here’s a tip;
    I found that when I updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 on my 3G, that the batter life did in dead drop badly!

    The other day I had reason to use the “Erase All Content and Settings” option on my iPhone. Well afterwards I installed 3.0 back to the phone, and guess what?! Now my battery life is more inline what I had under OS 2.2.1!

    Mind you I had done the “Reset All Settings” that some have posted about, but it did not work. It’s been several days now, and my iPhone is even jailbroken, and the battery life is still good!

    Gives one some to think about huh?

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