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Are you searching for ringtones and/or wallpapers, search no longer. We have the perfect link for you. Ringostation has over 750.000 ringtones and more than 10.000 wallpapers ready to be downloaded to your iPhone. This is the most complete ringtone and wallpaper database you can find on the web.

app1 The website is very easy to use. You see four buttons at the top of the page: Ringtones, Wallpapers, Login and Join Now. Before you can download a ringtone you’ll have to Join the website. You can do that by either clicking on the Join Now button or by clicking on the download button of a ringtone which will recognize if you are a registered user or not. If not, the screen will bring you to the Sign Up page.

Unfortunately it is not for free. You can choose to pay $17,97 for 3 months or pay $23,88 for 12 months. With that you get access to thousands upon thousands of ringtones and wallpapers. The website is constantly updated so a 12 month subscription is recommended.

When you are a user you can download as many ringtones and/or wallpaper as you want. There are ringtones of Drake http://iphone.ringostation.com/ringtones/Drake/ or Jeremih http://iphone.ringostation.com/ringtones/Jeremih/ or Black Eyed Peas http://iphone.ringostation.com/ringtones/Black_Eyed_Peas/.


I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed PeasĀ http://iphone.ringostation.com/Black_Eyed_Peas/tones/I_Gotta_Feeling/ can be downloaded very easily. Just search for the song or artist and click on the download button to download the ringtone. The same goes for example for EGO – Beyonce http://iphone.ringostation.com/Beyonce/tones/EGO/ and many other ringtones.

You can quickly see the European Top 20 or browse the 50 most popular ringtones. Even with the wallpapers there’s something for everyone. You can click on many different subjects like 3-D renderings, cars, space, movies, nature and many more. Click on Space for example and you get all kinds of pictures of planets, nebula’s and stars. Click on any of the pictures and you can download it.


As you can readĀ and see there are tons of stuff for you waiting to be downloaded. Ringostation continuesly updates the site to make sure you can download the newest and coolest ringtones and wallpapers.

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  1. nVadim Says:

    I cannot register there. After pushig SIGN IN, I’m getting white screen. =(

  2. nVadim Says:

    It is not free!!! =((

  3. Millard Shavers Says:

    @MattyBoy7777 Cool, glad it helped.

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