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kolonistsKolonist is a game where you have to become the dominant leader of a piece of land. It looks like the boardgame Colonists of Catan. The graphics look good enough and the replayability is high. 

This is what the creator of the game says:

“Kolonists allows you to manage your uprising career in the Roman Empire and taking your Family Clan to dominate above all others!

Use your political, militar and production resources with wisdom to be the first in getting the 10 influence points you need to become the next Governor, or else become banished from the Empire.

Expand your dominions by building roads, farms and villas. Trade with foreign tribes to get the resources you can’t produce. Use your legions to keep the Barbarian invasions out of your territories, and even better: plundering your enemies.

And when everything else fails, perhaps the Goddess of Fortune has a surprise in store for you…

Get the influence you need in order to become Governor of Rome, and earn Glory for Ages!

Kolonists is a game of strategy, construction and politics in the ancient Roman Empire for 3 to 4 players.

Kolonists features top-notch original art, great music and an addictive game-play that will keep you hooked to your iPhone/iPodTouch for hours!”

Kolonists is available in the App Store at 60% off: $1,99

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  1. Matt Says:

    PSST… that’s Settlers of Catan.

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