Jul 15

picture-1Rolando has been popular since the start. It uses the tilt technology of the iPhone, has fun music, cartoony graphics and is very addictive. That seems to be a popular and magical combination. The creators of Rolando now come with Rolando 2.

Rolando 2: fun, colorful, cartoony, humorous and addictive!

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The following review came from reader of the forums of TouchArcade:

“There’s no doubt that this game is well worth the 10 bucks, the level of quality in every aspect is very high. I just felt that in the first game, some of the “wow” factor wasn’t there. I’m feeling it here for some of the reasons mentioned by others. I like the characterization of the Rolandos, along with the corresponding vocalizations. I like the variety of Rolandos with their differing abilities, and like everybody else it seems, I like the soundtrack. These thoughts are coming from someone who absolutely was not caught up in the hype, didn’t read all of the pre-release threads, and was just giving this a go to see if I was too hasty on the first. I’m not sure if after I finish this game I’ll go back and get the first…possibly, but I’m certainly enjoying this iteration of the game and can easily recommend it even to those who weren’t wowed by the first.”

Below is the trailer of Rolando 2

Rolando 2 is available in the App Store for $9,99.

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