Jul 12

Harbor Master: a game where you have to lead boats to their destination. Their cargo has to be delivered in the harbour. Then you have to savely guide the boats back to the open sea. At the same time you have to make sure the boats don’t collide with eachother. The longer you survive, the more points you get, but more and bigger boats will arrive over time. Each round lasts as long as you can keep the boats save and guide them in and out. But recently, the creators of the game have submitted an update.harbor-masterSomething new is added to the game: pirates! During playing the game small pirateboats will come by. They want to steel your precious cargo and will try to sink your boats. As the player you need to make the pirateboats sink before they do that to you. You can sink a pirateboat by tapping three time on the boat.

If you don’t do that quick enough they let yur boat sink, pared with some explosions. Nice to see the creators had plans to add more gameplay. There’s also a new harbour added. The update was submitted this weekend. Hopefully Apple will approve this update quickly.

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