Jul 12

apple-app-storeThere are countless applications for the iPhone, a lot of them you will never use.
But still there are some applications we would like to see on the iPhone that are not available yet.

Personally I would like to see Flash for the iPhone and Ipod so we can open all websites on the internet, and we can stream movies from the internet.
Also I am looking for LimeWire or an application that looks like LimeWire.

Just let us know what applications u are still waiting for.

If developers know what we want, it will be created some day.

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12 Responses to “Are There Still Applications Missing?”

  1. adrian boioglu Says:

    here’s one http://is.gd/1vO8C (sorry, the google translation is not too accurate, but you can understand the idea)

  2. hostolis Says:

    I want an app that manages calls.
    I want to be able to delete individual calls.
    I want to measure calling times accurately.

  3. iPhoneFreaker Says:

    I’ d like to be able viewing/editing attachments inside zip files.

    And viewing of windows media files (wmv, wma, etc.)

    Also, keynote mobile (so I can create presentations on the road) and keynote presenter (so I can present them on large screens without quality loss).

  4. sebastien Says:

    I would like an application to use Microsoft Office OneNote on the iphone.
    please … or something to synchronise OneNote and Iphone

  5. frick Says:

    I would like to see a 2nd life app. I would like to have an iphone use timer…how much time am I wasting on twitter? How many hours a day am I ignoring the kids…

  6. Campbell Says:

    I would like a version of airport utility for the iPhone.

  7. Y3k-Bug Says:

    I want people to stop asking for flash, because I’m scared that if they do Apple might actually waste time porting it.

    Seriously, Flash is the WRONG direction the web should be going in. Open standards is what we should be going for. Plus, Flash STILL runs awfully on Linux and Macs, I’m not holding out hope for the CPU intensive Flash to not completely ruin web on the iPhone.

    The way it is now is fine. Either web developers take the time to make their sites iPhone compatible using standards that would make the site viable by ALL MOBILE PLATFORMS, or keep doing flash and keep out a significant chunk of traffic.

    Please apple, don’t put flash on the iPhone platform.

  8. Blake Brown Says:

    There is a limewire app if you jailbreak called mewseek, as well as a pro version. It so far is not compatible with 3.0 though. And flash…well that would be amazing.

  9. mb Says:

    Check out iMobileCinema , its available on jailbroken iPhones and is essentially an add on for safari that supports flash from many websites! available through cydia after you add the source package (search for it in cydia!)

  10. Simon Says:

    Apple will never put flash on the iPhone because it takes up too much resources and battery and I agree although everyone wants it. Limewire won’t be coming either because it will help piracy grow, plus there will be a bunch of junk piling up on your small amount of memory.

    I don’t need another app but just some way to easily manage app placement in iTunes. Alphabetical order is the worst idea. Plus, when you backup and restore, it does not save the home screens!

  11. Olavo Says:

    Sometihng to manage the themes of the iphone…no black background at each page… improve the icons…a winterboard for iphone official…

  12. M Says:

    I need a limewire app for iPhone and iPod touch .

    Hope u take that in consideration

    And most people are starting to jailbreak there iPods/iPhones just to get free music
    (ieven tried but coudnt)

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