Jul 11

stoneloopsStoneLoops! of Jurassica is addicting fun and non-stop, edgy arcade action that provides hours of play. The controls frustrate the heck out of me even though you can use touch or tilt. I absolutely reek of failure when I try the tilt controls and the touch controls are a bit tight even for my little fingers, but shrinking the game zone to enlarge the control zone might not have been acceptable and I have adapted.

This is what the creator of the game says:

“StoneLoops! is an amazingly dynamic puzzle-arcade game set in the prehistoric world of Jurassica. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics and non-stop action, it’s bound to please even the most selective gamers.

Take a trip through the five colorful realms of Jurassica – from wild jungle, through endless glacier, to the edge of a blazing volcano. Own five houses and collect 24 trophies in this crazy, action-packed adventure.

75 handcrafted levels, two modes of play and a vast number of powerups makes StoneLoops! an incredibly fun game for both fans of a strategic challenge and those who just want to let off some steam and smash some stuff into tiny little pieces!”

Stoneloops is available in the App Store for $0,99 (75% off)

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  1. Andy Says:

    I’ve had this game for a while now and I absolutely love it. I use the touch controls and don’t find it difficult at all.

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