Jul 09

messless-2-250x250If you are searching for a beautiful iPhone charger that fits your high-tech interior, search no longer. The Messless Universal Charger is a device that can charge as much as four devices at the same time without any cables in plain view.

The device exists out of a glass plate with four chargingpoints. Giugiaro Design made the design for this chargerdevice, with the intention to get rid of all those cables.

The six adapters provided are for the iPhone, iPod, Nokia, Nokia mini, PSP, mini-USB and Sony Ericsson K750. The placing of the adapters is up to you.


The MessLess Universal Charger weights 485 gram, connectors included and weights 450 gram without the connectors. The diameter is 20 centimeters and the height is between 5,4 and 6,4 centimeters. So it not only fits the table in the hall but also on your desktop. Laptops and other big devices can not be charged with the it, because they need to much power.

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