Jul 03

mobilemeLast night MobileMe was unreachable for a while. People immediately started spreading rumors about Apple releasing the special iDisk application for the iPhone. Unfortunately that app is not yet available in the App Store, but a lot of changes and improvements have been implemented instead.

Owners of the iPhone 3GS can now publish videos to the online Gallery. Such a Gallery will be made automatically if it does not yet exists. MobileMe will no longer transfer e-mail messages from HTML to plain text when an e-mail is send on. On the iPhone or iPod Touch you can search all messages, even messages in the MobileMe-cloud (on the server). You can search in the field From, To and Subject. To use this, your iPhone needs iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.


With Push Contacts and Push Calendar you now have the option to combine existing contacts and agenda’s with the first synchronisation from your iPhone and iPod Touch. It is also possible to deactivate or delete an existing MobileMe-account, but maintain the info on your iPhone. Last but not least, the iPhone contacts that are being synchronized with MobileMe will keep the coupled ringtones.

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