Jun 16

twitter_logo_headeriphone-os-30-previewTuesday eve, MuscleNerd is going to give a live demonstration of the YellowSnow 3.0 unlock, says his Twitter account. The Twitter news says this unlock should answer lots of questions. He previously showed the unlock of the first iPhone and later the iPhone 3G. The first unlock is called redsnOw and the 3G unlock is called YellowSnow.

5 Responses to “YellowSnow 3.0 Unlock Live Presentation”

  1. Zack Hébert Says:

    I knew he had somethin’ up his sleeve, lol

  2. Campbell k Says:

    Redsn0w is actually the jailbreak for the second generation iPod touch.

  3. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    I would really like to see this!

  4. Tom Says:


  5. טכנאי מחשבים | תיקון מחשבים Says:

    i have all

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