Jun 09

iphone3gsAfter all the different rumors, the new iPhone is finally here. Not much has changed on the outside, but the inside is a big difference. The small list of most reasonable rumors we made, has come true. Together with OS 3.0 this new iPhone is more than worth buying.

On June 19th Apple will launch the iPhone 3G S in theƂ United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. One week later another six countries will follow. The coming months the new iPhone 3G S will be launched in more and more countries.


The new iPhone is almost identical to the previous iPhone. It still comes in black and white and in to versions. One 16 GB version and one 32G GB version. The 8 GB version will remain available and will have a price drop to make the iPhone a more affordable phone.


The iPhone 3G S contains many of the rumored features. It has a compass, 3 MP camera with auto-focus, video editing, voice control and faster internet speeds. It doesn’t have the much rumored matte casing. It also doesn’t have a front facing camera. But with the OS 3.0 it is allowed to create navigation software. TomTom demoed their software during the keynote yesterday.

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  1. Maulik Says:

    I was eagerly w8in still w8in it to release in india might release in august as 3G

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