May 28

wozniak_dv_20090527145455Steve Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple. He says Steve Jobs sounds healthy and full of energy. Steve Jobs is on medical leave since January and said his health issues are more complex than I originally thought”. He is expected to return at the end of next month. Steve Wozniak has never directly asked Steve Jobs about his health but is convinced he is not in a health crisis. Or at least not anymore.

According to Wallstreet analist Gene Munster, Steve Jobs will show his face in an event a couple of weeks after the WWDC. At that event Steve will present the new iPhone, says Gene. He doesn’t believe the WWDC is meant to introduce new hardware. Only OS 3.0 and OS X Snow Leopard will be shown to the public. If this source can be trusted remains to be seen, but if Steve Jobs is to return during a special event to introduce the new iPhone, that’ll sure be a spectaculair return of the big CEO.

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2 Responses to “Steve Says Steve Sounds “Healthy And Energetic””

  1. Feef Says:

    Did u make a spelling mistake where it says ” he will present the new iphoneS” ??

  2. ericeissens Says:

    Yes I did ;). My bad. I corrected it.

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