May 19

The rumors are spreading more and more as we get closer to June. I posted an article about concept art yesterday. Now new pictures of a possible iPhone Mini showed up on the website of iDeals China.

iDeals China is a well known Chinese tradingssite, who has connections to accessories production companies, and therefore often has information about the look of new iPhones. About a week ago the site posted the images seen below.

infone203g-350x233-2Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â infone203g-350x233-1

The iPhone on the left is possibly fake, but the others look more convincing. As we get closer to the WWDC more pictures of concept art or hopefully the real deal, will probably show up. The iPhone Mini will not only be smaller but will be minimalized in terms of hardware features as well. At least that’s what the rumors tell us.

iDeals China is about to release more pictures soon, so we’ll keep an eye on them. Maybe the new pictures will be more convincing. If these rumors are true, then Apple might release not one but two new iPhones: a iPhone Mini and the normal sized iPhone.

The website also says Belkin’s Designers are in China to make sure that their designs for the new iPhone hit the stores as soon as the new iPhone hits the market which is in June. And last but not least, iDeals China must have the technology to look into the future because they claim an iBooklet is coming this year. The Wall Street Journal says Apple is working on a portable device, smaller than the current laptop computers.

There sure is a lot to talk about with all these rumors floating around the web. We’ll keep you posted.

9 Responses to “Leaked Pictures Of iPhone Mini?”

  1. Wesley Says:

    What? Are you sure these ain’t iClones?

  2. ericeissens Says:

    If they are iClones than I’m sure they are violating some rules by putting Apple’s logo on it ;). But they can still be fake ofcourse. They are just rumors, but iDeals China promises to put more pictures online soon. Plus the WWDC is almost here, so we’re gonna find out soon enough I guess :D.

  3. Wesley Says:

    I thought of that because of the unproportion of the screen. Apple takes design so seriously I doubt this would be real.

    But I don’t know, maybe they are cheaper models to sell on countries where the iPhone is too expensive (like here on Brasil).

  4. ur a idiot Says:

    wow these are obvi fake

  5. rrraf Says:

    …just look at the connector… :-(

  6. Boaz van Veen Says:

    looks like stopid iphone clones…

  7. Jeremy Says:

    You guys are way off!!! My friend has an IPHONE MINI!!! Don’t fall for all those “it’s a fake…” Iphone hasn’t acknowledged it exist….Well IT DOES!!! THERE OUT OVERSEAS, and unless your a soldier or business man traveling a lot overseas between Afghanistan, Iraq, or Japan, your not going to be able to buy them in America just yet. But they Are coming!!! That’s how she got her’s. Her cousin is a Contractor in Afghanistan and he travels a lot yearly.

  8. Shray Gupta Says:

    no! it cant be true. apple would never make something so ugly.

  9. molly Says:

    I have got one. They are ace!

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