Apr 20
    applelogoThere has been a lot going on all this week. Here’s a round off:

  • Apple is looking for manufactures for Mac Netbooks. If rumors are to beilive, long time Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn has already signed up the deal for netbook manufacturing with Apple. The market for such portables has been long time hot and Apple has till now resisted. It was long time rumor that Apple might release a touch screen Netbook.
  • Rumors of Nex-Gen iPhone having HD video. Reports suggests that next generation iPhone and iPod touch might support High definition playback. This has been suggested because Apple has cleared Apple Composite AV Cables and Apple Component AV Cables.
  • Apple will release Q2 2009 Result on Wednesday, 23. Apple raised an quick media issue today that Q2 2009 results will be announced on Wednesday. A live audio webcast will be released discussing the results at 2:00 Pacific. It will be interesting to see the result after the launch of so many products this fiscal. Analysts predict net earning per share will be $1.09 on revenue of fair under $8 billion.
  • AT&T officially resettling 3G network to 7.2 Mbps. With this confirmation, we can now say that the rumors of next generation iPhone having higher speed capacity is being more prominent. An official confirmed that they have placed HSPA technology on there network and is under testing on two markets. Soon they plan to jump to HSPA+ which offers 21 Mbps.
  • AT&T is now offering Refurbished 16 GB iPhone 3G at $149. This has been in $50 discount from previous offering. Both, white and black model is available for the $149 and 8 GB remains at $99 for refurbished pieces. The refurbished models were offered at $99 for 8GB and $199 for 16 GB. This new offer can be seen as AT&T trying to get rid if old stock ahead new model iPhone launch.

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