Apr 18

Developers digging more into the new iPhone OS 3.0 and got us some new discoveries which we can expect with the launch of the same OS later this year.

AppleInsider has listed some of them:
– Facility to close all the Safari Windows. With current firmware, we cannot close the last Safari window, But a red (X) is now practical with 3.0 which in turn replaced the last window with a new blank page.

– Battery percentage indicator. There will be a % indicator to view the remaining battery life. This is going to replace current icon.

– Push notification preferences are now enabled. This will allow users to toggle if they want push notification through sound, batches and/or alerts.

– Data detectors which will increase the ability to automatically detect text and differentiate them into  e-mail addresses, phone numbers etc and execute corresponding actions such as initiating a phone call or adding information to address book.

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    3 Responses to “New discoveries showing in iPhone 3.0 Software”

    1. Sad_user Says:

      I dislike the % oinstead of icon. I hope they let us choose between icon or %!
      But for me the best deal will be if we have an icon with %,not only %.

    2. toNYc311 Says:

      I was hoping that Apple would follow the BigBoss method. If you are on a jailbroken phone you can simply tap the battery indicator and select whether you want a numeric battery or the simple Apple indicator. But I guess I wouldn’t mind Apple’s version in 3.0.

    3. freakin good Says:

      I,ve also found a new swipe gesture on the album art, when listening to a song, swipe from left to right and you,ll see the list of songs.
      A new lockscreen when recording voice memos.
      About the % battery- ok I saw those numbers,but there is also a plus sign, what is this for?

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