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logodeximWe got our hands on the BluePack S2 for iPhone/iPod from Dexim. Charge your iPhone/iPod on the go. Dexim BluePack S2(1200mA) extends your talking time up to 3.5 hours, video watching time up to 7 hours, music playing time up to 36 hours.
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First impression
Unwrapping, unpacking and grabbing that manual. After quickly browsing through the manual we’ve started to put the nice gadget to the test. No bad experience so far…

Second opinion
bluepack1 It’s easy to use in the car or at your desk but we would not suggest using it while hicking. It has the risk of breaking of or damaging your iPhone. When plugging the Bluepack to your phone you’ll notice that it’s not made for using while moving. So putting it in your pocket while charging and walking is a no go for sure.

bluepack2Charging numbers : It takes about 30min to charge your iPhone, but mind the fact that your iPhone is not fully charged yet. We roughly estimate that this would take about 45min to do so. Charging the bluepack itself takes up to 1h to fully charge. It has nice blue indicators that tell you the status of the Bluepack battery and whether it is fully charged or not. The same goes when charging the iPhone.

bluepack3The Bluepack comes with a very handy retractable USB charging cable. The one thing that really pleases us is the fact that the Bluepack is compact / pocket friendly, so no bulky docking station in you pants :). The Bluepack has a very strong case build around and trust us… we even opened up a bottle of beer with it to test the hardness of the plastic. Good to know, the Bluepack passed the “opening bottle”-test :)

The biggest advantage of this gadget is the compact design. it fits in every pocket, and once again a msg to the ladies… it also fits in the handbag ;). Using it during a long walk or something close to that is not suggested. Overall score, well… we give it at least a 7,5 on, the scale of 10.

Some extra notes
This is only one version of the Bluepack serie. Dexim has 5 different types within this serie of iPhone/iPod battery chargers.
Discover more Dexim products on the Dexim website

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  1. Mike D Says:

    The Dexim bluepack is the perfect compomise between size and power. I wanted extra power and didn’t want to deal with a dongle or a battery that was as big as the phone or a battery that did not have enough power to do anything substantial. At 1500ma it is powerful enough to completely charge my iphone4 and small enough to still fit in the pocket of baggy shorts. Until battery technology advances to the point where a small battery can produce large results, this seems to be the best current option. With the iphone 4 larger battery and the Dexim bluepack I have plenty of mobile power to handle most situations.

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