Mar 23

pinoysouldPinoySoul is the name of a new theme which is very similar to iNav.The theme is not yet available in cydia, but check out the preview and comments of the creator after the break.

It should work like the iNav but I added some useful folders to make use of all the springboard pages and also an icon for the Preferences/Settings. Instead of the bookmark’s blank icons I use the “Do4Nothing” app from Cydia. I’m working on putting a small button on every icons to perfectly hit it when it is tapped. As of now this is just a preview but if you want to test it I’ll send you the pack personally. Thanks!

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14 Responses to “PinoySoul (Winterboard Theme)”

  1. Brad Says:

    that looks sweet. can’t wait for it in cydia!

  2. Kizlove Says:

    Help ! How can i download it ?

  3. jason Says:

    Looks kool as hell!!! Send it to me and I’ll let you know how it test. I using an unlocked jailbroken 2g with 2.2.1 fw


  4. Gary Says:

    hey i really like your theme and if you could email me a copy of your theme i would love to give it a try my email is

  5. Jimmy Says:

    heey man that is a wicked theme
    can yu please please give me a download link
    thanks man
    great theme best one out there!!

  6. Jimmy Says:

    sorry i forgot to mention my email is
    if u can please send it i want it bad!!!
    thanx man

  7. felix Says:

    i cant find this how can i find it???

  8. felix Says:

    can u explain to me how to do this???

  9. Rik Says:

    I like it dude can u give me a copy of it i would to test in ipod and iphone …pls heres my add

  10. r de meer Says:


    i lookt at your theme and i think its osome
    is it possible that you sent it to me

    i would apreciate it if i cold test it out

    greets from the netherlands

  11. Paulo Says:

    Great theme bro. Im filipino so when i sw this theme i was like i need this.,

    If you don’t mind sending it to me.


  12. John Says:

    WOW! Awesome theme. I am also Filipino so please hit me up on the copy at

    Thanks pare!

  13. yazi Says:

    hey man tats cool, can i hav a copy of tat n hit me at tks

  14. yazi Says:

    hey man tats cool i’m frm singapore n can i hav a copy n tutorial of it, send
    to tks

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