Mar 20

mint1After seven months of silence, Australian developer Firemint released new details about their racing game called Real Racing. Check out after the break the interview with Firemint’s CEO Robert Murray.

Q: So, getting straight to the heart of the matter, as you know, there’s no shortage of racing games in the App Store. Tell us about Real Racing and what makes it different or better?

Rob: Well, Firemint Real Racing is a high calibre pro racing game. I haven’t seen anything like that on iPhone yet. I think there are a lot of racing games on iPhone because it is a genre that the platform lends itself to very naturally. Similarly you will find lots of great first person shooters on the PC, simply because the controls work so elegantly. I think this is a great thing for racing fans with an iPhone.

As for what makes Real Racing special, we have a lot of unique features that I think people are really going to love.

For example, we have a cockpit view with animated driver and integrated instrumentation. In other camera views we have a HUDless UI (that is, there is no head up display cluttering the user interface).

The game has amazing graphics and effects like lighting, specular highlights, filtered light effects, shadows, reflection mapping, smoke and skid marks. Our engine delivers extremely high polygon and texture throughput, optimised through years of work on lower spec hardware. The control system works the way you want it to; holding it in front of your face, in your lap, upside down in bed or using the touch screen if you choose. We’ve brought together a brilliant physics engine with the right camera and control systems to produce that elusive feels right vibe. The game has a massive amount of high definition content , with 12 uniquely built tracks, 36 cars and numerous online leagues.

The other unique aspect is the connectivity built into the game with YouTube and other social media networks.

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However, what’s really important to Real Racing is not just the unique features, but how polished they are and how well they fit together into the whole game. Some games feel so polished, so whole and complete that everyone appreciates them, whether they are fans of the genre or not. When you deliver a game like that, all people can say is it’s great, you have to play it, they can’t always explain why in terms of features. That sort of game, and that sort of polish is the holy grail for us and it is what we want to achieve with Firemint Real Racing.

Q: Can you comment on the price? Release date?

Rob: I can’t say very much about this yet, except to say that this is a highly polished game that was almost a year in development and is being compared to Sony PSP and Nintendo DS quality. We want to keep the price affordable but we also need to make back some of the money we’ve invested! So it’s a safe bet to say it will be a fair chunk more than 99 cents ;)


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