Feb 26

prop21PropertyTracker announced Property Evaluator 2.3, an update to their real estate analysis tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed to leverage the iPhone’s unique abilities and interface, Property Evaluator is a powerful analysis tool for investors, real estate agents, lenders or anyone who needs to take the guesswork out of evaluating investment properties.

The polished design of Property Evaluator makes it incredibly easy to evaluate a property. Enter some basic information about the property in four easy steps, and then view performance projections that show a true apples-to-apples comparison between properties. The performance projections include many financial metrics, such as net operating income, cash flow, capitalization rate, return on investment, return on equity, and potential cash-out refinance. You can slide your finger to change the holding period from 1 to 30 years, and all of the numbers instantly update. Users can store multiple properties and what-if scenarios to do comparisons.

Property Evaluator is especially useful for real estate agents and lenders who want to create performance projections for their clients. The projections can be emailed to clients as a beautifully formatted PDF file directly from the iPhone. Individual investors use this feature to send projections to their investment partners while they’re driving around looking at properties. You can even include a photo with the property using the iPhone’s camera.

Feature highlights include:
* Input the property information in 4 easy steps
* Look at the First-Year Projection to flip the property
* Look at the Multi-Year Projection to buy and hold
* Email a performance projection to clients or investment partners as a beautifully formatted PDF file
* Take a photo and store it with the property
* Save multiple properties or what-if scenarios
* AutoFill helps estimate expenses
* View complete payment schedules for mortgages
* Slide your finger to change the holding period from 1 to 30 years – numbers instantly update
* View a map of the property with Google Maps

Price: $4.99 – 3,99€ (till end feb)
App Store: Property Evaluator


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Demo video:

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