Feb 20

bitesms-deviceA new beta of BiteSMS 3.1 has been released in the cydia repository of BITESMS. Version 3.1 adds a whole list of new features and fixes some bugs users reported on biteSMS 3.0. Hit the break to see the full list.

  • Added support for language translations in Quick Reply.
  • Quick Reply is much improved, including scrolling for long messages. http://i44.tinypic.com/o109sl.jpg (sending…you can see both received text & reply)
  • Added ability to long press the “Send” button in Quick Reply to switch between Carrier and biteSMS (only when button is active).
  • We now disable the Quick Reply “Send” button during the sending process, see http://forums.bitesms.com/forums/1/topics/630?p…
  • Added new settings icon on the conversation list screen, and removed the little blue arrow settings icon.
  • Added new “About >” page on the settings screen, shows Version, License, Legal, Change Log, Features Help, Contacts (count), SMS Conversations (count) and Messages (count).
  • Fixed smileys layout issue (only applies for certain langauges), see http://forums.bitesms.com/forums/1/topics/590:#…
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you forward a text with a smiley it thinks it’s an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you enter the ASCII for a smiley like :-) then rotate the screen, it thinks it’s an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed the Settings->Privacy screen to automatically size the borders according to the help text (currently truncates the help text for some languages).

Still being worked on…..(but we thought we’d put out a Beta for the above in the meantime)

As this version is not yet available in the default repositories, you will have to add the following url into Cydia:

-> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add http://www.bitesms.com/cydia/beta

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