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3cardpro13 Card Pro is a new iPhone poker game released in the App Store from the same developers who released 21 PRO: Blackjack (Avalinx). It features a fast, exciting and addictive poker-based casino table game. It’s best known as Three Card Poker or Tricard Poker in the Casino’s. Hit the break to read more.
3 Card Pro combines the excitement of poker and the thrill of the casino in one game. It is no surprise that it is quickly becoming one of the most popular casino games worldwide.
Adding 3 Card PRO to your growing collection PRO Series casino games will provide you the knowledge, strategy and training to become a poised player the next time you visit your favorite casino.

Sit at a Three Card Stud Poker table, and you will see three betting circles per player. The top circle is for the pair-plus bonus bet, the middle for the ante, and the closest circle to the player is for the play or raise bet. Using these circles, it is possible for a player, in essence, to play two poker games at once. Three card stud poker does not use the same winning hierarchy as standard poker. For example, it is more difficult to be dealt a straight with three cards than it is to be dealt a flush.

As you would expect from the PRO Series casino games, 3 Card PRO includes valuable training tools like our ‘Ask the Dealer’ to determine your best odds to play the current hand. Additionally, in depth stats are collected on your hands played so you can review your winning percentages and refine your winning strategies.

By playing 3 Card Pro, you can have hours of fun learning a new game if you have never played before, or you can hone your skills while playing one of your favorite casino games.

Price : $4.99

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