Feb 07

smackboxing1I received a mail from the developer of Smack Boxing that to celebrate their 100.000 downloads the game has been lowered in price to $1.99 for the next 48hours. Here’s some more information from the developer.

With the usual twist of sarcastic humor we revamped the iPhone
multitouch controls into the best stress relief experience ever! Boxing
has never been this fun before. If you liked NES Punch-Out, then this is
the right game for you!
Swipe, tap and tilt to perform a multitude of different boxing moves
including jabs, uppercuts, hooks, sidesteps and blocks to unlock new
opponents and levels of difficulty.

The lite version:
The free Smack Boxing Lite features 3 opponents and is playable on the
“easy” difficulty level. The premium version offers 8 unlockable
characters and 4 levels of difficulty, easy, medium, hard and insane.
Otherwise Smack Boxing Lite is fully featured

iTunes download link Smack Boxing

iTunes download link Smack Boxing Lite

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  1. andy Says:

    I don’t put stupid games on my iphone

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