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bitesms-deviceBiteSMS 3.0 has been released on beta on the official Cydia repository of BiteSMS. BiteSMS 3.0 is slowly becoming the de-facto replacement SMS stock application on your iPhone. It has a ton of features like, landscape SMS, Emoticons, links (http) recognition and so on. To top that all if you like to send cheap sms’es you can buy bunndle packs from the BiteSMS website for low rates. However, there’s a small thing that has been changed since the new release. The SMS application will no longer be free to use. Starting from 24 february 2009 you will have to pay a small fee to keep using it after your trial period has ended (20-days).
The price will be rumored to be something around 6$, which is still a cheap price compared to other sms apps!

The full changelog of BiteSMS 3.0 beta:

Added the sub-menu (right-swipe in text box) showing Add My Location” and Smileys to Landscape mode.

Added auto-correction in settings page per active language, so when you switch keyboards the auto-correction setting for that language will take effect  neat!

Added additional smileys, and made them more quickly accessible.

Added Privacy feature, allowing control over whether the Name, Text and Preview window is shown for incoming SMS messages.

Added Quick Reply.

When sending an SMS, you can now press the Power or Home keys and it will be sent as expected, without needing to wait for the sending process to complete.

Reorganized the settings screen and updated text, so that the settings are easier to understand.

Added functionality such that the Intelliscreen Launch SMS feature now works with biteSMS.

Much faster matching of contacts, especially for those users with very large Contact databases (+5000 contacts)  Yippee!

Added an End User License Agreement into biteSMS, which only needs to be acknowledged once.

Added licensing to biteSMS, including a free trial period.

As this version is not yet available in the default repositories, you will have to add the following url into Cydia:

-> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add http://www.bitesms.com/cydia/beta

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5 Responses to “BiteSMS 3.0 beta released. A ton of new functions! + no longer free!”

  1. toNYc311 Says:

    I can’t believe Apple hasn’t updatedbtheir stock SMS app to match these other apps. I’ve used iRealSMS and I currently use MySMS. I’ve used BiteSMS briefly in the past but this latest update sounds AMAZING! I will definitely have to check it out. :D

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  4. Blaze Says:

    I think it’s retarded to start charging out the blue. That’s some old bait and switch bullcrap! What’s even more retarded is the idiot who will pay for this ONLY for it to be available FOR FREE this summer when 3.0 comes out. I mean really who jailbreaks an iPhone just to turn around and BUY stuff from hackers?!?! Isn’t that defeating the purpose!?!

  5. Robbie Hamilton Says:

    These functions are not worth paying for – especially since the main functionality will be supplied with 3.0 (and, frankly, I’ve had the old version on my phone for a long time and seldom used it). Creating an application which is the exact replica of an existing one with a couple of extra small functions does not constitute a major innovation that deserves special payment ! Completely agree with Blaze above – learn how to create revenue without charging for the software !

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