Jan 13

redsn0wThere was a found website called redsn0w.com. No one knows for sure what it is, but there is a lot of guesses as to what this might be. We all know that yellowsn0w was the Dev Teams 3G unlock program, so could this be a iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak!? We sure hope so! But, we’ll keep you updated as to what we here.

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11 Responses to “What is Redsn0w!?”

  1. garryb Says:

    hey i dnt know what you are on about but onthe offcial webpage of dev team nothing about redsn0w.

  2. borgqueenx Says:

    yellowsn0w, bluesn0w and now redsn0w xD

  3. fsdff Says:

    go to redsn0w.com

  4. Maly Says:

    “The Dev Team has just released a program called Redsn0w”

    “Program” is not released, it is just a website. And there is no proof it is from Dev Team.

    What is next? ultravialotetsn0w? Uber tool that allows you to install Windows 7 on iPhone.

    Don’t get too excited people.

  5. Tom Bonez Says:

    I do agree with the fact that program is the wrong term to use.

    But you are incorrect in the fact that there’s no proof of this having any link to the dev-team!

    Try a reverse ip search for the domain, you’ll find:-

    # Dev-team.org
    # Ihazsupper.com
    # Ihazsupper.org

    need i go on.

  6. Marcus Says:

    its def 2g jailbreak

  7. Maly Says:

    OK now I take it back. It is from dev-team and it is most likely ipodtouch 2g jailbreak. :D

  8. Fred Says:

    It’s from Dev-Team, it was in their Twitter
    (sorry for my bad english)

  9. TheOne Says:

    Go here chronic-dev.org/blog

  10. Jim Beam Says:

    “an” instead of “a”
    “hear” instead of “here”
    hate when you read something…and the topic gets lost to bad spelling and grammer…
    :roll: :???: :roll:

  11. Anne Says:

    What is redsn0w for?????

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