Dec 11

Pastebud is a new service that allow copy and past text between Safari and Mail but also between webpages. It does not require any application to be installed and works using two bookmarks in Safari.

When viewing a webpage you click the bookmark entitled COPY and it will reload the page giving you the ability to select text. For this newly loaded page you can either open a new message with the selected text as the body, or you can copy the text to the ‘clipboard’ and use another bookmark entitled paste to paste it into a text field on another webpage.

Creator, Jed Schmidt says they have been testing it for about a week and they are now “putting the finishing touches on the website before launch”.

Meanwhile you can watch it in action below…


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3 Responses to “Pastebud: Copy & Past between Safari & Mail”

  1. ahu125 Says:

    really cool, this is what the iphone needed!!!

  2. zomoo Says:

    Why did Apple in the first place take out the copy and past function?

  3. Pcs Says:

    I just got a iphone and I’m really confuse r n

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