Dec 08

The $99 4GB iPhone 3G being sold at Wal-Mart rumor was false. However, there will be an iPhone 8GB being sold for $197 on December 28th.Now, it would have been exciting to see a 4GB version cheaper, but that was too good to be true. The lowest size model made recently is the 8GB iPhone 3G, and this is pretty cheap. Sorry for not doing some research before posting first. But this time, I read all about it on Mac Rumors. So, I will go to Wal-Mart on December 28th and see for myself, but for right now all we have to rely on is rumors. Well, what do ya’ll think? Do the readers of iPhoneFreakz think this is true? Or do ya’ll think this is nothing but Crap? I would love to hear what the readers think!


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7 Responses to “iPhone being sold by Wal-Mart rumor”

  1. ahu125 Says:

    since im the writer i couldent put my opinion in the article, but this is a comment :D i think its true!!!!

  2. Sayam Says:

    You mean an opinion :p

  3. Edward Says:

    is it 200 with contract or just 200 cuz if it were just 200 then thats be freaking sweet but i doubt it

  4. ahu125 Says:

    ok thx 4 the info :) that would be nice if you can get it w/o a att service plan so you can unlock it huh!?

  5. Messymeese... Says:

    I’m so glad you know how to correct people yet not how to press “reply”….

  6. ahu125 Says:

    ya :roll: LOL :lol:

  7. ahu125 Says:

    You mean me writing a new one :?: :?: :?:

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