Nov 12

The guys from iPhoneHellas claims that the iPhone 2.2 firmware will become available on November 21st based on what they describe as a “reliable” source. So we will have to wait 10 more days to see if this rumor is true or not. Meanwhile you can find below a short recap of the features that have been discover till know in Firmware 2.2:

  • New look for the Safari with the Google search bar now occupying its own space on the title bar
  • Toggle On / Off to disable the auto-correction
  • 461 Japanese emoji icons
  • Support for new languages
  • Line-in audio is activated and can be used through the headphone jack
  • Google Street View, Google Transit information – Routes public transport, Walking directions, Location sharing
  • App Store: ‘Categories’ now shows the icons of the applications instead of the list, In each page of the application has been added by a button ‘Tell A Friend’ & ‘Report A Problem’, Added the possibility of scoring the application when the user chooses to delete from the device, Added the possibility for direct downloading of podcasts fromthe iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

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6 Responses to “iPhone Firmware 2.2 coming out in 10 days?”

  1. R Says:

    YAY!! EMOJI!!!!!!!!!

  2. yves Says:

    When will we be able to do something simple as:
    – send a contact by sms
    – transfert an SMS
    – Send MMS ?

  3. hood Says:

    will it come with a new itunes aswell.

  4. todd Says:

    Cut and Paste from anywhere
    Flash on Safari

  5. Craig Says:

    You can send a contacts information in a text with the latest version of biteSMS. It also has a landscape mode for composing texts.

    You can send, receive and view MMS using SwirlyMMS. It’s very reliable now and can handle a very large number of media types.

  6. ReKz Says:

    Need Bluetooth TransfER

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