Nov 05

DrugLords is a location-based massively multiplayer online game about drug trafficking. Using GPS inside your iPhone, you become a drug dealer in the criminal underworld, which exists parallel to your everyday life.

The idea is simple. Moving between real-world locations, you trade various drugs: buy low and sell high. You find good deals and make profit by moving the stuff around. You do the trades with real people online: you find them in locations you go to. You start as a small-time drug pusher with a goal to be a famous drug baron, make a fortune and dominate the world. Money gives you power: superior status, access to better drugs, high trafficking volumes, cash for bribes, independence from loan sharks, and a lot more.

The free beta version of the game will be launched in the next couple of weeks and distributed through the AppStore.

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  1. Kevin Homehill Says:

    Drugs are bad, m-kay!?

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