Nov 02

The developer ZodTTD submitted a free port of Quake to Apple AppStore. At first accelerometer support was included, but it is very hard to play the game while maintaining the positions needed for Quake, so it has been disabled in this revision. It usually takes between 2 to 5 days to get an app approved (or rejected). Once approved for the AppStore, it will be updated to include network play, mods / downloadable content, and more!

As you can see and hear, this version has sound support and uses a landscape orientation.

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4 Responses to “Quake coming to the App Store ?”

  1. M@RT!N Says:

    It will not get accepted. Apple does not accept applications that border on copyright infringement.

  2. mdcosta911 Says:

    this is most likely true.

  3. TechnopodMan Says:

    if this is approved i will send to the appstore “Dragon´s Lair” too and not to cydia ;)

  4. frag Says:

    Yeah, we won’t be seeing this in the App Store. Unless he has some secret deal with Id and they’re allowing him to release it.

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