Nov 01

Stanford University started a few months ago with a new class: CS193P iPhone Application Programming. The course is focused on the iPhone application development using Cocoa Touch. Since yesterday they have also published the complete lectures in PDF format.

To follow the course you will need an Intel-based Macintosh with iPhone SDK installed on it. An iPhone is not strictly necessary as the vast majority of the work can be done using the iPhone simulator.

Following documents are already available:

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6 Responses to “Stanford iPhone Development Course – PDF’s online”

  1. cadguy Says:

    i’m getting the wrong links for the first 5 pdfs but thanks anyway

  2. bladerunner Says:

    fixed now :wink:

  3. Jash Sayani Says:


    So, is this a dedicated course or can be taken up as selectives along with another course…?

  4. Stanford Posts Free iPhone Dev Class Lecture PDFs | iPhone 3G Hacked Says:

    […] [via iPhoneFreakz] […]

  5. PattyMichele Says:

    The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is offering a CS course in iPhone Application Development in the spring of 2009. They will also be posting some class material on the web at the end of the semester. Read more at

  6. Amit Tomar Says:

    Have a look at the well structured iPhone courses offered at They come at a price though, but you get all the one-on-one help, online videos, pdfs and worksheets. Plus you get to co-publish your first game with them.

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