Oct 31

The following news is totally unconfirmed but it appears as Cydia will soon receive it’s own app rating system. the screen shot after the break shows us package Winterboard 0.9.2600-1 and next to it you see a star which indicates that it will be possible to rate applications in cydia.

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11 Responses to “Cydia rating system soon to be implemented?”

  1. iFoneGooner Says:

    Hmmm, nice idea. At this rate Cydia will be in another Universe for innovation, etc. Does anyone actually use Installer? To infinity and beyond Cydia :razz:

  2. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:


  3. dodswm Says:

    thanks for the clarfication saurik – looking forward to it! :)

  4. asa Says:

    Yes another great idea Jay! I deleted Installer long ago!

  5. Roy Chang Says:

    installer is death LOL

  6. M@RT!N Says:

    Actually I used to use installer to put cracked apps on but not since 2.1.

  7. maz Says:

    Where u guys got the screen shot from then???

  8. Awayze Says:

    Installer was there since day 1, it’s just ripdev is taking tooooooooo long to bring a stable version out, the latest one is buggy as hell, gave me spinning circe of death twice yesterday.

  9. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    For the record, Installer 4.x (by RiPDev) is an entirely different (and much less stable) program than Installer 3.x (by NullRiver), that really only seems to share the name for the goal of stealing good will from the old user community. Installer 4.x, at least, was therefore definitely not there “since day 1”: it wasn’t even there on day 1 of the iPhoneOS 2.x jailbreak and PwnageTool had to ship without it, bundling only Cydia (which was really a good move for the entire community).

  10. John Says:

    Ive been a huge Cydia fan since I tried it. Installer’s developers dropped the ball when 2.0 came out and now its just too late for them. Cydia is much more stable and now has such a huge jump on things that I doubt it will ever been in the position that it once was.

    Also Saurik and the rest of the team are just a great bunch of guys. Its amazing how helpful everyone in the group is.

    Thanks guys! I know quite a few of us appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this project.

  11. tre1 Says:

    hey i was adding widgets to my iphone and another program it and no i have no icons . when i rub my finger on the bottom part of the phone my phone book folder pops up but i cant call anyone if you can help me that would be great

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