Oct 27

LockDockBar is a mod available in Cydia. What it does is puts a dock just above the main slide on the lockscreen and it has four icons in the dock. The four icons are: Phone, Mail, SMS and Calendar. All you do is tap one and it opens that app. Screenshots inside.

At the moment you can not rearrange the icons or put any new ones on. But I would like to see this in a future release. But for its first release it is quite a nice mod. Another thing is that if you have Five Icon Dock installed the icons are all moved one place to the left and there is a blank space on the right. I have shown this in a screenshot.



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  2. Chris Says:

    i had this app and uninstalled immediately as it defeats the purpose of having a pass code :( and PwnPlayer doesn’t work with it :(

  3. iMaajka Says:

    Nice font!

    How can I get that font on my iPhone??

  4. iFoneGooner Says:

    Can hardly wait to download this and the other new stuff, but I am constantly confused as to why I sometimes (like just now) open Cydia and the new items are not there yet?

    Can anyone explain this – it cannot be to do with time zones, cos I am in the UK and therefore AHEAD of news that appears on this site – you are in the US right? – Or am I dumber than I think I am :shock: .

  5. Matthew Says:

    I have experienced this before. All you should have to do is once the first refresh happens and new things don’t show up. Go into ‘Changes’ and then tap ‘Refresh’ in the top right.

  6. iFoneGooner Says:

    Matthew, you are obviously a genius :smile:

    Just done exactly what you suggested and bingo – so many thanks mate :cool:

  7. Matthew Says:

    – Download NeoTech Font iPhone 2.0 and extract it to your desktop
    – SSH into your iPhone
    – Navigate to the following folders on your iPhone and backup the following files, adding .bak at the end (this is just a precautionary measure, you don’t ever wanna lose your original files)
    – Copy the files you extracted in Step 1 in these same folders
    – Restart your iPhone

    Download the font the font from here http://blog.gauravgiri.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?

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  10. SS Says:

    Does not work well with Intelliscreen; if you open phone/sms/mail/calendar from the dock using this program Intelliscreen stays on top no matter what.

  11. rio Says:

    I had it installed and now my lockscreen hang. Yes I have 5icon installed. Tried to reset (home+power button) but when reaching the lock screen, it happen again. Any suggestion how to bypass it (and uninstall)? Thanks

  12. Eric Says:

    Okay… I’m just trying to figure out how to unintall this… I installed it, and don’t like it, but I can’t figure out how to remove it from my phone. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to get rid of this thing. It’s a great app for what it is, it just doesn’t work for me. Thanks!

  13. Nichole Says:

    I tried installing this onto my ipod touch and every time I do it throws me into safe mode. I do not have 5icon installed so i am confused as to why it keeps putting me in safe mode. is there anyway around this to get it to work????

  14. argasmastic Says:

    this shit is siCKCK thanks

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