Oct 26

Eric Casto has released his follow-up application to iSlsk, MewSeek. MewSeek is much like iSlsk, as in it uses to the P2P network to download music and files. However, MewSeek is currently unable to import the music into your iPhone/iPod Touch’s library, due to restrictions that Apple has implemented.

MewSeek seems stable, for the most part, but has crashed onces since I’ve used it. The Downloads tab is also not implemented yet. Eric plans on enabling this in futures updates when he’s worked on it more. To listen to music downloaded in MewSeek, you will need PwnPlayer that is also now available via Cydia.Â

Screenshots of MewSeek:

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5 Responses to “Cydia – MewSeek”

  1. Amzz Says:


  2. chris Says:

    it crashes on me everytime :cry:

  3. TN Says:

    Great app but not perfect yet- crashes too much. Liked iSlsk – worked fine.

  4. casper Says:

    how do u get to set up an account though???

  5. lisa Says:

    how do you download it?
    but i don’t want to it’s illegal, you could go to jail!

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