Oct 17

Firemail is a brand new application in Apple’s iPhone App Store. Like some other tools before, this one allows you to write mails in landscape mode – not more, not less.

So why is this yet-another-landscape-mail-app worth mentioning? It’s up for free!

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3 Responses to “App Store – Firemail”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    Wow!! Nice one….

  2. gabriel Says:

    this app is not good. if you are using your normal mobile mail you cant reply from that screen. i thought this was a code that enable the landscape on my mobile mail, just by turning it to my right, i could get landscape. and its not even working properly.

    2 thumbs down


  3. Braden Says:

    Modifying an application’s code is against the SDK rules. This does exactly what all of the other landscape mail applications do, except for free. This applications works properly and great. Do not rate it badly because it does not do something that is NOT allowed to do.

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