Oct 15

Pangea Software released another game in the App Store. After their popular games Cro-mag Rally, Enigmo, Billy Frontier and Bugdom II they are going to release Nanosaur 2. Nanosaur 2: Hatchling is the a flying battle game for your iPhone or iPod Touch! The way the game works is : You pilot a flying dinosaur from the future who’s mission is to locate stolen dinosaur eggs and return them to saftey by throwing them into wormholes.

You’ll battle other dinosaurs and mechanized sentries while collecting various powerups and weapons such as heat-seeking missles, blasters, bombs, etc.

Nanosaur 2 is a 3D game that really shows off the capabilities of the iPhone, and you fly by tilting the iphone. The cinematic quality of the music and graphics make Nanosaur 2 one of the absolute “must-have” games for the iPhone.

Price : 2,99€, $3,99

Direct iTunes Link

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