Oct 14

MusicPlayer 8 Colours is a mod available via Cydia and is to be used with WinterBoard. Basically what it does is customises the iPod app. It changes most of the images within the app and also the icon. There are 8 colours to choose from, hence the name MusicPlayer 8 Colours. Screenshots inside.

The colours you can choose from are black, blue, gold, green, pink, red, silver and yellow. All you have to do to apply this mod is open WinterBoard and choose the colour you would like. Close WinterBoard, wait for the respring and then open the iPod app. The only thing about this mod is that I have noticed it changes the top bar of Settings, calendar and SMS and maybe more apps to black. But it is still a nice customisation.



Black                                                Blue                                 Â


Gold                                               GreenÂ


Pink                                                  Red


Silver                                               Yellow                                Â


Coloured buttons

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3 Responses to “Cydia – MusicPlayer 8 Colours”

  1. Gebara Says:

    the only HUGE problem of this mod is that they changed the design of the buttons instead of just changing the colors…

  2. mock Says:

    no thats the big plus

  3. nijo Says:

    the biggest problem is that you cannot create genius playlist throughout the specific icon

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