Oct 13

Now this is something i certainly won’t do. I had multiple winmo devices over the last couple of years and to be honest i never really loved the mobile os. A nordic developer named Erik Kristiansen seems to disagree with me as he developed a beta software that will allow you to run Windows Mobile on the iPhone.

He presented his demo during the MyPhone2008 presentations.
The application works much like Bootcamp. When you bootup your iPhone, you will be presented the choice of OS you’d like to run.
Erik is planning on releasing the software in January but to be honest, i think that Apple will not allow him to do this.

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22 Responses to “Windows mobile on the iPhone?”

  1. George Says:

    That Woman was harsh!! “you dont have girlfriends in norway?”

    Cant wait for the release itll be awesome

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  3. DAN Says:

    Wt a LOSER!
    Go 4 the linux version!

  4. iTarek Says:

    Are you kidding with me… THEY ARE ACTING
    This is fake people..

  5. Tom Says:

    she wasn’t being harsh, she was trying to get laid.

  6. Saeedsaf Says:

    awesome, this means alot ov things, bluetooth file transfer, MMS, message forwarding, Office Compatibility, and a real messenger client, and hopefully Google Android :p

  7. sanà Says:

    nice :razz:

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  11. rafael takeo Says:

    just think… why should i want a WM6 OS… to run prograns that i can’t in my OSX …

    so why not

    a program that run windows mobile apps .exe and .cab for iphone (some emulator)

    will be most usefull than a boot camp… sux.

  12. M@RT!N Says:

    This will also mean programs and games already on the windows mobile platform will be accessible on the iphone!

  13. sjdvda Says:

    Burn this heretic!!!! Pope Jobs won’t be happy about this :razz:

  14. me Says:

    lol what did she mean by u dont have grl frnds in norway lol? :?:

  15. AndrewGoldy Says:

    Sounds (& looks) like a FAKE video! It looks like it was recorded and then played back on the iPhone. The GUI seems to respond a second or so after he touches the screen… watch it a couple of times… you will start to notice!

  16. Jiri Says:

    Its FAKE!

  17. Spyro Says:

    It is fake.

  18. Leigh Kennedy Says:

    Actually; ‘MyPhone2008’ was a real event,
    So this is indeed NOT a fake.
    Now I’m excited for January :grin:
    let’s just hope Apple won’t make some kind of patch in a later update to disable this. :roll:

    Many of you may disagree, but I wouldn’t mind having Windows on my iPhone as well (although I will clearly be using the iPhone OS more) :razz:

  19. Joshua Says:

    The kid is obviously gay. Duh.

    At least I hope he is. He’s really cute. ^^

  20. jethro_static Says:

    I’ll say it’s fake if it’s youtube. it’s on their website. http://www.myphone2008.com/index.html

    Would U create a website with links and contacts just for a fake videos? I don’t see what the dude is talkig about the tapping is not in sync.

  21. DJ MAC Says:

    wo~good job
    Where can I get the application?

  22. Bob Says:


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