Oct 02

Beejive is a well known name in instant meassaging and they have now released an iPhone version. It is a very reliable, it logs on every time I have connection no errors, unlike mobilechat witch relies on a seperate server that always seems to be down. The new app supports landscape mode and portrait mode. It has an all new chat bubble witch is pretty neat. The $16 price tag does seem to be a little much but once you try it you’ll regret ever hesitating to click “Buy”. All around five stars easy to use and reliable a must have.

Price: $15.99 (worth every penny)
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11 Responses to “App Store – Beejive”

  1. todd Says:

    Will it continue working if you exit / close app? and if so, will it alert you if someone IM you?

  2. 14 Says:

    hows this compared to palringo, which is free?

  3. y3k-bug Says:

    Much more reliable than palringo, connects much faster, much better UI, and it doesn’t connect through a lousy 3rd party server. I’m looking at you MobileChat/Palringo.

  4. wally Says:

    can u take photos with this app???

  5. Luketh Dragon Says:

    But it does use a third party server.. Otherwise it would not be able to keep your connections active when you quit the app. In saying this though, it’s a damn good server, and Beejive is simply the best IM client out there.

    Little tip, it will still lose connection if you leave the app open and then lock the iPhone, resuming the session once you unlock. I use a jailbroken app called insomnia, which allows me to lock the screen, and keep the connection active, so I get all my messages and notifications while the iPhone is asleep in my pocket.

    This way I have Beejive running all day. Simply an awesome app.

  6. wally Says:

    what does it do to your battery if you run it all day?? Also does it have the cability to take a photo and send to your contact?


  7. Luketh Dragon Says:

    I’ve a first gen iPhone, so I’m assuming the 3Gs will do better, but my battery will generally just last me a normal day. That’s with moderate chatting, a couple if sessions here and there, still leaving the app open the rest of the time though. Which is better than palringo used to do.

    As for pictures.. No, nor voice either. But they’re things that personally I don’t need, as I’ve still got email or MMS.

    To be honest, the only thing I don’t like, is the lack of support for web links. That is supposed to be coming in the next update though.

  8. 14 Says:

    yeah we need palringos voice and pictures feature!

  9. George Says:

    BeeJive is possibly the best IM platform for the iPhone!

  10. chris Says:

    NO WAY!

    £9.49 for an IM program, you people are crazy.

    Palringo is free, and offers more features too……

    big deal, it doesnt keep you connected 24/7, but personally i dont want to be nagged all the time, i log on to chat and close it when ive had enough.

    this one feature is not worth a tenner.

    welcome back to planet earth, i dont believe this app should sell for more than £3 / $6

  11. toNYc311 Says:

    Used to use the iPhone web version of Beejive. The appstore app version is a dream. I still like palringo. But even though palringo is free I’m sorry I can’t pass up on Beejive! I’ve been waiting for this app ever since I heard they were developing it months ago. It’s here and I’m very satisfied! :grin:

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