Oct 01

CNN is reporting that Apple may close it’s very successful iTunes music store soon. The reason for this is a new dispute by the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington. The Copyright Royalty Board is planning to raise the royalty’s that online music stores should pay them. This raise will off course be payed by us the users and not the distributors (Apple, Amazon, etc). Apple doesn’t like this change and therefore they are threatening to close down the iTunes store.
According to the MPA (National Music Publishers’s Association) the royalties should be increased from 9 to 15 cents a song. Overall this is a 66% increase! According to Apple it’s not possible to do this without keeping the current 99cents price.

The best off this whole story is the fact that from the 99 cents, about 70 cents get’s payed to the record companies and from that 70 cents, only 9 cents get payed to the Artist. So in my humble opinion, the record companies should pay more to the artists!


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2 Responses to “Apple closing iTunes Music Store?”

  1. R Says:

    Wow… I have a feeling illegal mp3 downloads will be getting even more popular again– making the artists suffer MORE. I don’t know what people are thinking these days. Instead of encouraging the people to pay for songs that are downloaded, they’re discouraging us from doing it legally.

  2. Zack Hébert Says:

    I prefer to legally download my music from seeqpod and youtube =]

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