Sep 27

Yesterday i brought you the news of TouchCast, the cheap podcast streaming solution. Today i found MobileCast in Cydia. MobileCast is a wireless podcast client allowing you to discover, stream and download audio & video podcasts over the air straight to your iPhone and iPod Touch. So why is MobileCast better?

MobileCast is better cause it will let you download or stream your podcasts, cause it has a integrated podcast search function that works really well and best of all, it’s free!

1) Fire up Cydia and install the MobileCast application.

2) Start MobileCast.

3) The easiest way to find your iTunes podcasts is to just search for them and then click the add button.

4) Go to favorites and select your added podcast.

5) In the next screen you can chose to download the podcast.

5) After the download has finished you can listen to them by going to downloads or by clicking play in the favorites field.

One word of advice. The application did hang a few times on my iPhone, i have no idea if this is beause i was downloading multiple podcasts or if the app is still a bit buggy.

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14 Responses to “MobileCast (download + stream podcasts) – Cydia”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Yea, mine is very buggy and crashed a few times. Glad it’s out tho :smile:

  2. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    yeah man!! there is a bug because even before i attempted to install the program i wanted to see the screenshots in the info section to get an idea of what i would download and as i scrolled to the bottom page almost the bottom my iphone froze like for more than 10 minutes and i had to slash my home and power button at the same time resulting in a pineapple but i was lucky that i didnt have to do a restore but for a moment i was scared that i would have to redownload all my programs.

  3. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    but i wish it was not bugged because i really like this program some of the screenshots i saw, were really interesting.o.k i know i am diverting a bit out of topic now but i was wondering because here in cyprus itunes doesnt recognise in the sale of itunes cards how do people buy apps such as spore origins,enigmo these famous apps or can maybe someone volunteer to sell me an itunes card i am mainly interested in the apps.

  4. Tom Frohne Says:

    Yesssss!!! Finally This Program is a heavens gift! THe main reason why i waited to go to 2.0. Thanks so much for making it available (and screw apple for not providing one themselves.

  5. toNYc311 Says:

    I’ve installed this app from Cydia. It works great! A little buggy yes but it’s free! So, I’m not complaining that much. I’m sure the developer will release an update to fix the bugs soon. :razz:

  6. Frank Lynch Says:

    I’m the developer of MobileCast. The version in Cydia is most certainly a BETA, I almost called it alpha as there are a number of known issues.
    Having said that it is pretty functional & a number of folks were waiting on this for quite a while (mobilecast was an app on the jailbroken 1.x iphone) so I figured I’d release it & post updates as we fix the bugs. This version is a complete re-write as the SDK’s are totally different.
    You can find some more information on mobilecast (known bugs etc) and vote on what you think it should cost (once the bugs are ironed out of course) over at:

  7. Gadget Says:

    Does anyone know how I can go about importing an opml file? I do not want to search for each podcast.

  8. ludwigno Says:

    Is there any way to edit the podscast downloaded this app (delete)
    Is that I can not find the function to delete or edit

  9. Brian Says:

    Don’t see it in cydia. What source?

  10. Jimbo Says:

    It should be on Ste packaging’s repo:

  11. andy Says:

    very buggy

  12. someone Says:

    Unless I’m missing something, there is no streamin ability in this app, only downloading. Also, I’m a bit surprised that the app doesn’t run in the background, which limits the usefulness of downloading…

  13. mikintal Says:

    where is the streaming capability? Normaly i just watch the cast and discard. Storage realestata on iphones are premium.

  14. KRS1 Says:

    What about Podcaster. It is an app that also downloads and streams podcasts. It is on Cydia. That app rocks.

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